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PIR EXECUTIVE will be on task quickly and effeciently. We define, assess, manage, and finish.
Lab Testing We define and work with you to analyze your needs and expectations. We start with a thorough and thoughtful discussion to learn all we can about the kind of professional you want and the success and outcomes they are expected to achieve.
We assess all potential candidates by identifying, screening, interviewing, attracting and documenting as many as necessary. We submit only those who have demonstrated superior performance and profitable results in their careers.
Dry End
Dandy Rolls We manage the interview process. We obtain clear feedback from you and the candidate to help move the search forward. We know what you want and we know the candidates' expectations. We keep you informed. We make sure there are no surprises.
We finish the search with success - the right person for the right position. You have the best and most talented executive to move your company to the next level of growth and profitability.
Calender Stack

“Maynard put forth the effort to develop a good understanding of our company's needs and culture by visiting our operation and meeting with the team members who would be reporting to the candidates, He has good industry connections to solid candidates and a thorough interviewing/screening process. ”

- President, Wisconsin tissue mill

*Paintings by Thomas M. Dietrich, courtesy of Mr. Robert Buchanan. See them all at www.paperhall.org.